Seriously Flaky!

Raisin Bran is the one cereal that both my husband and I love. I love "healthy" cereal and he loves sugary. But we both could eat an entire box of raisin bran if left unattended :)

I don't normally crave anything while I am pregnant is it usually for the first couple weeks after I have a baby that for some reason I crave things... This time I was really desperate for some raisin bran! I grabbed some this weekend while shopping and poured a bowl as soon as I got home!

"What have they done to the raisin bran?" I cried! They changed it! This is horrible, I hate it when they go and changed something that is perfect :)

My husband looks at the box, "You got the wrong kind sweetheart."

"What? What do you mean, it's raisin bran!"

Rolling his eyes he informs me, "There are 2 kinds, Kellogg's and Post, you got Post and we like Kellogg's. Kellogg's has the sweeter raisins and more bran flakes."

I had no idea! We then had a seriously intellectual conversation for the next 30 min. on the properties of both kinds of raisin bran and how for the past 14 years have I ALWAYS managed to grab the right box and never knew there was a difference!

This is where it gets funny: I am at work yesterday and I am on the phone, my husband calls my cell phone, I have to ignore it and figure I will call him right back. He calls the front office and asks them to transfer him to me, I still am TRYING to get off the phone and get to him assuming it is an emergency. I miss him again and finally call him back.

"What happened, whats wrong??!!" I ask.

"I went and got you the right box of raisin bran last night, you didn't see it this morning so I thought I would have a bowl for you :)" he says. "Your not going to believe it but there are NO raisins in the bag!"

"Did you get the right kind?" I mock.

"Very funny, so I call customer service and she asked me if the bag had been tampered with. I asked her, if she is asking, if someone stole all the raisins from the bag. The nice lady explained that SOMETIMES it HAPPENS!"


M and W said...

No raisins in Raisin Bran makes no sense.

Hillori said...

She's gotta be fooling with you!

Anna said...

Didn't you just have a baby? What are you doing working already?

Anonymous said...

Anna, I was thinking the same thing..but I know for a fact she is SUPER WOMAN...Maybe even the ENERGIZER BUNNY...I need to get some batteries. Mine must be dead!!! HAHAHAH

Tiffany said...


I just ran in to check my email and phone messages :)

Alison said...

When I was in the hospital after the delivery of my little one, they had boxes of cereal which my husband brought me one of each so that I could choose. One of them was rasin bran which I ate because we were down to the bottom of the options. I realized that I love it and I now buy it at every chance. The right kind is Kelloggs and I bought Post once and realized it was the wrong kind when I got home and I was really confused. It is a really healthy thing to crave so go for it :)

Sheri said...

You must be superwoman! I didn't know you worked too?!

Seriously, there is no way someone stole the raisins from the bag. LOL

Tiffany said...


I do work but I have the summers almost off. I am the director at a private christian preschool ( go figure!) and basically have the same school schedule as public school. In the summers I still work a few days a week answering email, phones and doing enrollment for the fall.

Tiffany said...

Allison, I am glad I am not the only one that couldn't figure out what was wrong with it!

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering about the working thing. What is your job?
Having 7 kids is Job enough!!

Tiffany said...

I Am the director at a preschool.

Rebecca said...

I have noticed the difference because I have found more rock bottom deals on the Post, but the Kelloggs is much better.

Deb said...

I grew up eating both kinds of raisin bran. Mom usually just got whatever was cheaper, but we did eventually decide that the Kelloggs is better - more and sweeter raisins. :) But I've always had to think very carefully when I'm in the store about which brand it is (because I never remember). I finally decided that "two scoops of raisins" was the key to remember, and they do still show the two scoops on the box. :)

I'm guessing that box made it through the production line while the raisin packing machine was down. ;p