Kroger: My Mega Event run + Updates

Total Before Coupons: $278.24
Total After Coupons: $97.85!
Got back $7.50 in Catalina's

Today was my first time trying to get out of the house with all 7 kids by myself with a deadline! I had to have the girls at VBS by 9:00 am. I have to admit we made it out the door by 9:05 and I am not sure everyone had shoes on! But we made it, they all had breakfast and 3 out 4 big girls had their hair done. The school year is going to be rough!

After dropping the girls off we ran to Kroger to check out the sale. I have to say it is one of the smaller ones they have done. I was expecting a a little more, but did alright in the end!
A few tips:

**Look for peelies on the Dixie plates for Buy 2 plates get 1 200ct napkin FREE. Great deal since the napkins are on the Mega Event also. The coupons for the dixie plates are $1/2 so I bought 6 packages and got 3 free napkins.

** The $2 off Post coupon (no longer available) I was going to use on the Raisin Bran, until I found out it is the wrong kind.... see post below! So I saw the Grape Nuts for $1.99 on sale and got them free! Yipee!

** The Dial soap in on 10 for 10. We have coupons for $.35 off making them free! Not part of the mega event so don't count them in your total.

** I had gotten a bunch of Lysol coupons from the Hospital when I had the baby and happen to be smart enough to throw them in my binder so I got a great deal on the Lysol!

** All the patio furniture is on clearance for 50% off. I got a nice grill gazebo for my husband and a love seat swing for a great price! So check it out, they will go 75% off but all the good stuff is gone.

** I had 2 carts, one my son pushed with the baby in it, the other I had. I put all the mega deal thing in my cart so I could keep track, all the other regular items I put in his cart so they were separate. Worked out nicely, I also had the front baby seat open to put my binder in :)



robyn said...

were the bounty PT and the boulder chips part of the mega deal? i didn't see these on the flyer, but them seem to always have "more" than the ad.

Tiffany said...

The bounty was not, but the boulder chips were, they were 2/$3 and there was a coupon at coupons.com a few days ago.

onecoldtoe said...

you are my hero for being able to take that many kids to the grocery store and still use coupons and looking for good deals!!!! i struggle with one! if you have any tips for this, i'd love for you to share!!! =)

Tiffany said...

I only had 2 with me, the others were at vbs!

Angela said...

I am very impressed that you got out the door only five minutes past schedule with seven kiddos! (Not to mention that one of them is a newborn, and you just had a baby not so long ago.) I have the hardest time and I "only" have five!