The Sorcerer's Apprentice: B1G1 Free!

I know my kids want to see this movie! Fandango has released a code to get a free movie ticket when you buy one. Just enter the code APPRENTICE in the promo box. There is a $1 service fee per ticket. But it’s still a great deal! 2 tickets will be $9. Thanks Kristin!



The Texas Deal Diva said...

I have not been able to post on my blog for 2weeks. When I try to post I get that little circle like its waiting to download, but it never stops. Have you had this problem before? The help section in Blogger wasn't very helpful.

morpheus said...

Nicolas Cage is back again in the The Sorcerer's Apprentice new action film, The performances are nothing short of excellent. Jay Baruchel does a great job playing his usual "nerdy" character, if you've seen movies like The Trotsky or She's Out of My League, or even the previews for this movie you'll know you're not seeing anything different. Nonetheless he still does a great job and we all love his job at playing Dave. I also loved Nicholas Cage a GREAT deal, and I don't normally like him, but he was great in Kick-Ass and Bad Lieutenant earlier this year, and I could kinda foretell he would continue his awesome streak, and he does so. He plays Balthazar very mysteriously yet comically. Also great was Alfred Molina as Maxim and Tony Kebbell's very flamboyant portrayal of Drake Stone.