Fisher Price Diapers: Only $2.99!

Thanks so much to reader Brandy for this heads up on a great diaper deal!

"Today's paper included an insert for Fisher price diapers, along with 2 coupons. I purchased the Happy nights jumbo pack from Babies R Us this weekend, for $5.99. The coupon is $3.00 off one package. That would make an overnight pack $2.99!!! The happy days jumbos are $9.99, so that would be $6.99. I believe the value box of both days and nights sells for $20 and some change, there is also a coupon for $5 off one of those. I use the night time diapers on my 15 mth old daily, and I love them. They are very cute as well! The flyer mentions Walmart will sell them, I bet they are cheaper than the $5.99. Finally, they have a savings program similar to that of huggies and pampers."

I saw the insert and was curious because I had not seen these diapers before. I am so glad I pulled the insert out and didn't toss them!


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Veescorp said...

Does anyone know where/when these coupons came from? I had a few bundles of last Sundays papers 8/22, but I did not see anything. Was it a babies r us insert? I love the fisher price diapers, they smell the best!