Reader Spotlight: Suzanne at Kroger!

This is my friend Suzanne's deal at Kroger today! I know she wanted to kill me because I am sure she had better things to do than put it all on the table and take a picture. But it was such a killer trip that wanted to see it! Maybe I have some kind of shopping trip fetish?! Hmmm, is there a support group for that?

Anyway her total before coupons: $347.05
Total after coupons: $95.55
Saved: $251.50!

From Suzanne:
"Did get dirty looks and comments from the couple behind us. Really cute when the cashier & bagger (both teenage boys) made a big deal about it. The register locked & had to get approval for transaction which set off groans from the couple. Cashier said it was because we had saved too much money, again making a big deal about how much money was saved. I think he was more annoyed with the couple than I was!"


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