House Party: Apply for a party!

I am determined to finally win of these House Parties! I have been applying for all of them!
They have a few new ones out that you might be interested in!
** If you happen to google "House Party" looking for a logo, be careful if you have kids in the room! Haha my kids could have just gotten an education that I didn't want them to have!

Kraft First Taste (2 of them) HERE
Sony PLay Station HERE

House Party also has an 18 and 21+ section. Who knew? Right now at the 18 + they have a Durex offer. I will warn you, they will ask you questions about your sex life! Yes, I did apply for this one, I tell you I am on a mission to win one of these stupid House Parties! The funny thing is, it will probably be that one! The over 21 section has a Jack Daniels offer right now.



Lora said...

I've won three of these parties . . . it's all in the application process--how many people do you know, and do they listen to your recommendations? Good luck--I hope you win one!

Saving Cents Mommy said...

So should you put that you know tons of people? You cracked me up this morning!! I can't believe you applied for the durex one. HAHAHA
I have applied for all except that one. But no luck so far.

Julia said...

There's a fisherprice one that just started taking applications. You should apply to that one, they give you 5 free new toys! Plus toys for your guests. It's sweet! I hope you win one! Heck I hope I win that one :)

The Coupon Cowgirl said...

I have had a few of these and they are a lot of fun! Good luck and I hope you win one soon! :)

Dawn said...

Don't get disappointed when you don't get selected for Jack Daniels: Only applicants residing in FL, AZ, CO and IL will be considered as hosts. Good luck!

Jena said...

I am soooo hoping for the Fisher Price one... but my baby might be too old :( If someone else gets one, invite me!