Reader Spotlight: Jill her deals at Kroger!

These are the pictures of the great deals that Jill scored at Kroger the other day. Don't forget the mega event is still going at Kroger and affiliates! You can go HERE for match-ups.

From Jill:
The first trip- before coupon total $134.14, I spent $17.59 OOP.

That included 8 Nature's Valley, 3 cereal bars, 9 sunny D, 4 fruit snacks, 7 toaster strudels, 10 sobe, 8 biscuits, 6 soup (my catalina didn't print either), 5 chex snacks, 4 cereal

I did do 3 transactions the first day and 4 the second, so that I could double/triple coupons. I am going to check and see if my Kroger is doing still only doing three, that would be awesome if they have stopped that. I did use some of the catalinas from previuos purchases on some of them. But with the sobe mm some of the totals were too small to use them. I hope this helps.
Here are the main match-ups I used:

*Sunny d .78 - .25/1Q = .03 each
*sobe .38 - b1g1 took off 1.79 = 1.03 mm per 2 , plus the $2.10 e coupon
*all the gardetto, bugles, & chex snacks .99 - .50/1 = free (plus a few .50/1 e coupons making .50 mm)
*Nature valley bars, 1.49 - .50/1 = .49 (I had a few .75/2) I also had several .50/1 e coupons making some of these free.
*cheerios 1.48 -.50/1 plus .55/1 e coupon =.07 mm
*toaster strudels 1.49-.35/1 or .50/2=.44 or .99 (also a few .50/2 e coupons)


Katie said...

Keeping the count is always very frustrating to me as I am usually 1 off when I get up to the checkout. I have started asking the cashier if they can check my count and make sure I got all the mega sale credits I thought I was supposed to get by printing a reciept before I pay. Then if I am off I usually have brought up a few extra cheap mega sale items like the sobe this time and have them add one at a time until the next mega sale amount comes off...be careful, the computors are fairly slow...I usually start getting anxious and want them to start adding, but it eventually comes off.
Quick question for you...do you do several transactions to be able to get so many of the same item? My Kroger only let's us get "bonus" coupons 3 times each, then they are just face value. Thanks.

Holly said...

I would like to know how she spent so little money in these transactions. I bought a lot of the same items and spent way more, having coupons for every item.

Tiffany said...


Mine have been unlimited. What does it say on your add? A few years a go they had limits but I have not seen that for quite sometime.

Tiffany said...

I'll email and ask Jill if she can help.

The first one to me looks pretty easy, the sobe and sunny d should have been free. The cereal should have been about $.80 a box. The bars and toasters were all about $.50 - $.80a box (these are my estimations from when I went.) So I can see around $18.

I am also guessing she used catalinas form the first transaction to pay for the next transaction. I'll have to ask her.

Tiffany said...

Holly- I did forget that she had said she got overage from the Sobe's as well, might have just been a little bit, forgot to write that last comment.

Sravasti said...

How do you get multiple ecoupons on the same item? I do not see a option for that.

Tiffany said...

Sravasti - you can go to different sites like Kroger.com and cellfire.com and shortcuts.com.

You can load all the coupons there, it wont take off more than one coupon per item but you can buy more than 1 item.

Did that help? Or I might have misunderstood the question.