Mega Swagbucks Day!

Mostly for myself, but I'll include everyone else because it can't hurt!

I am planning on paying for much of my Christmas with gift cards I earn from Swagbucks. I have 5 months until Christmas so I have to get busy! On Friday's I am going to post ( so I am accountable!) how many I have earned the past week! It takes 450 swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card. In the beginning it sounded like a lot of trouble to me for not much reward, let me tell you it is worth it! I can earn about $10 a week just myself!

** The key is to use Swagbucks as your search engine first. Then use Google or whatever else you normally use.

Just like Shop at Home and Ebates, Swagbucks is one of those that I really wish I had signed up earlier to do! It is so easy and I am able to really get some nice things from Amazon in return. The key is to sign up and invite your friends to sign up also.

If you're not already a Swagbucks member, register now!

The first thing that really made a difference in how many I had was telling people! I started telling all my friends and family and asking them to sign up and give it a try! I felt a little like I was trying to sell AMWAY or something but it really is easy to do! The key is to get people to sign up under you. When they receive a swag buck you get one too, up to the first 100. My husband, kids and some friends use swagbucks first, then go to google if they need more info. Just from this alone I can get 200 sometimes in a day!

Ways to get Swagbucks:

In order to earn Swagbucks you first need to be a member of the site. I have put a link to the site below where you can set yours up. Open the link in a new window and sign up.

Tell your friends about it and have them sign up under your referral link so that you both can earn bucks. Also look around the web for swagbuck codes that haven't expired. You have to be quick about it.

Subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on twitter. Sometimes they give out promo codes that can be redeemed for swagbucks.

Download the toolbar, it gives you 1 each day just for having it.

Here’s how: go to swagbucks.com. Click on toolbars at the bottom of the list, download and install the toolbar. Use it as your search engine!

Do you have any tips for using Swagbucks?!



lv4luv3 said...

Have you had any problems having multiple accounts in your house? You said your kids and husband are signed up under you, I thought it was only one account per household?

I'm with you on earning for Christms, I paid for 1/2 my gifts last year with swagbucks and survey money.

Tiffany said...

Sorry i did not word that the right way! We just have 1 account. They just use my toolbar!

ssdowning said...

You aren't going to get rich off of these suggestions but you can also earn 1 each day for completing the daily poll, going through and declining all of the no obligation special offers (there are 4 or 5 of them and it takes just about 10 seconds to get through them all) and checking to see if you have any surveys that you can complete. I earned quite a few completing the surveys when they first came out but now they are few and far between.

So when I first get on my computer in the morning I earn 4 bucks right off the bat for 1)having the toolbar 2)completing the daily poll 3) clicking through the no obligation special offers and 4)checking for surveys.

I also choose to post to Facebook when I win Swagbucks through searches and have gotten a few referrals that way.

Electra said...

I gotta say it really helps to be a blogger with a widely read blog when you use Swagbucks. I look at the swidgets for various bloggers and realize that with their readers working for them, they get ten or a hundred times the amount the readers will get from Swagbucks. Not that it's not a decent program, but I expect more to get the occasional five dollar gift card than to get enough to pay for all my Christmas presents. Still, I wish you good luck and you should tell us if you manage to do it!

Tiffany said...

Not very fair.

Like I say, I didn't jump onboard with swagbucks until long after most people have already joined. Most of my readers have already joined. I also didn't mention it for about 6 months, if you notice the first time I did was last November. I was able to pay for a lot of my Christmas having never done anything but tell my friends and family and use it myself. That is what i encourage you to do as well. There is also a limit of how many you get from signing someone up. YOu only get so many from each person and then you are done, you don't get anymore.
My friend Becky signed me up and I consistently tried to get swagbucks for a month and that is all she got from me because she had reached the limit of how many she gets from me.

Anonymous said...

Its actually up to 1,000 swagbucks that they will match you for any referrals. So far I have had one referral but its still fun for me. I have earned about $5 a month in amazon gc but thats just sitting at my computer and searching mostly so its not a bad deal at all.

Julia said...

Keep at it Tiffany! I love swagbucks and I've only done what you've done, told my friends and family and just used it myself. I usually get $25 in amazon gift cards a month and I only have about 10 referrals, most of which don't earn me anything. You can do it!