Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats, Love Notes From Home!

This is what a box of unattended Rice Krispie Treats looks like around here! Thankfully I was able to save it before it was devoured and not just destroyed!

Kellogg's has restyled their wrappers on their Rice Krispie Treats packages. They are leaving a space for you to write a Love Note to your child.

Occasionally, I am offend by companies that feel like they know better than you how to raise your child and what your child needs. I tend to bypass products like that.

This time I really did need a kick in the pants. When my oldest were little I wrote them notes all the time on their napkins in their lunch boxes (I actually packed them napkins...) but as the kids got older I stopped doing it.
I can't tell you how sweet it was when I threw these in their lunches on Friday and my "too cool" 13 year old son commented on them! He told the little kids that "He" always got these everyday in his lunch. I couldn't believe that he remembered!

Then of course, I cried the rest of the day that I was a horrible Mother to my little kids.

I am grateful for the reminder from Kellogg's that it just takes a second to write "love note". If I have a choice I will grab these boxes at the store and not the regular ones. We all need a little extra love during the day and it only takes a second to do it. I plan on leaving a few for my husband as well!

Do you write love notes?

This post was sponsored by Kellogg's and I was provided a box of Rice Krispie Treats to review. All comments and opinions are mine! I'd tell you if I didn't like it!



shooterstrigger said...

I put notes in my son's lunch often. That is one of the best memories I have as a child...the notes and treats my mom put into my lunch. Also after valentines day I buy a bunch of the clearanced kids valentines for my big "kid". I write notes on them and stick them all around for DH to find throughout the year. I poke em in his suit pockets, seldom worn shoes, the books he rereads again and again, his glovebox, tackle box...just lots of unexspected places.

Valerie said...

I use to write notes to my now 12yo DS but then he decided he wanted to buy lunches in about the 4th grade so the notes stopped. I love the idea of these! My DH is homeroom dad for my DS's 6th grade class this year and they want to give some sort-of note or word of encouragement during snack time of state testing week. These will be perfect! I am so excited to put together the goody bags. Thanks so much for sharing!