Target Electronics Trade In Program

Recently my son lost his (my old) cell phone. I refuse to get him another one, he has to do that himself, but we needed to keep the line active in order to not pay a fee. Hunting around the house I found that we had no less than 8 different old cell phones sitting around. I decided to see what I could get for them ( being the frugal person I am :) and am planning on trading them in at Target for gift cards! They are launching a new program you can read about here.

I read about the Target's new program and announcement on Daily Worth. If you are not a free email member, I recommend them. You can sign up for their FREE daily email that is a kick in the pants for women! They cover self worth, net worth, saving, spending, entrepreneurship, investing and lots more!



Andrew said...

I used Targets Next worth for Dvd's, phones, and cameras. It was a horrible experience. It took 3 months for them to send me the gift card. I emailed everyday and it finally came. They also do not have a phone number they answer. Gazelle paid within two weeks. It was great

Tiffany said...

THAT is really good to know!! Thank you! I will try Gazelle instead!