Made the Paper!! They even spelled my name right :)

Yea! Anna and Jeff made the paper! Go HERE to see the article! SHHHHHH! No one tell them! Jeff will be embarrassed!

Jenan was also featured, she does the coupons for the troop. It was well written. Thanks Kim for a great article!

We were also featured HERE this past week, Jenan is doing great work with the coupons for the troops!



Katie said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

M and W said...

That's so cool that you got Jeff into couponing!! I loved the article, it was really good!!! Congrats!

Joy said...

This was a great article. Good for Jeff for seeing the benefits of couponing.
I have a pile of coupons to take to Jenan.
♥ Joy

Julia said...

How awesome you guys! I took some coupons to Jenan and have to more envelopes to send!