Plum District: Gorgeous Jewelry!

Plum District, is another site just like Groupon. They had a great deal today an Chik Fil A I am so embarrassed to admit that I missed getting it to you today! I am sorry, please forgive me! I am not even going to tell you the deal they had...

Anyway, they have a deal still going today that is rather pricy but VERY tempting! For $50 you get a $100 gift certificate to a jewelry store that is GORGEOUS! I think it is really appealing to me because it is absolutely the style that I love. Have you seen my wedding ring?? LOVE this site!

Go HERE to sign up.

Remember that you can always click on the other cities to see what they have to offer.

Also, for every person that you refer you get $5 plus $10 more if they buy anything! Cool huh?!

BTW this is my wedding ring.... I love the hammered style and many bands, so you will see why I love that deal today! It is simple I know, but who wanted some bug huge diamond blinding everyone :) Well, o.k. I kinda do :) But I'll never stop wearing this one.


Julia said...

I was just looking up the Chic Fila deal. Was it the one in the Phoenix metro area? It's still going on but said in the fine print that it's only valid in that area. Is that right?

It looks like it's still going there:

Tiffany said...

Chik Fil A is sooooo good about taking coupons all the time that I am guessing that they will take it...

BUT I don't want to tell you that and them have them not do it :)

Most of the deals will let you use them in other cities unless it is a store exclusive to the area. OR if in the fine print it says they won't.

I am really not sure, if it was another place besides Chik fil A I wouldn't do it and take the chance, but they tale everything so I am not sure!