The top and bottom 3 things you spend your time thinking and worrying about, or hoping for...in the role of MOM.

First let me say that Kodak and Juice Box Jungle sponsored me to write this post. Hey, I am totally O.K. with that, it bought me 2 trips to Smoothie King this month!

They wanted me to ask, What are "The top and bottom 3 things you spend your time thinking and worrying about, or hoping for...in the role of MOM."

Wow, where to start! The bottom three is harder to come up with as obviously they are things I really don't think much about. If I had to guess I would say...

Bottom 3 I worry about:
#1 Are my kids loved enough? Absolutely. I don't ever worry about it!
#2 Do they have enough toys? Absolutely. I don't ever worry about it!
#3 Have they all laughed and smiled today? Absolutely. I don't ever worry about it!

Top 3 I worry about: This has made me cry today...
#1 Are my kids loved enough?
#2 Will they make good choices?
#3 How can I keep them safe?

I lay awake every night and worry about those three things and about 100 other issues with my children. My husband and I are discussing this as I type and his answers were surprisingly the same as mine. That is what made me cry. I expected close to the same with a  few "I worry ______ won't make the ______ team" thrown in there. But we are really on the same page as far as what deep down we worry about. He just doesn't wear it on his sleeve like I do :) 

What do you spend your time worrying about?


P.S. I took the quiz on Kodak's site and I am WAAAYYYY over spending on printer ink. Darn, I was afraid of that!


Amanda Davis said...

1. Will my kids be we provided for? (meaning will we always have the means to give them everything they need?
2. Will we one day be free of debt? (We're not that deep in debt, but any debt is bad in my eyes.)
3. Will I EVER lose this weight? (will I ever be a thin, cute mom?)

That's a lot to admit for me, but I'm being honest :)
There are also a MILLION other things I worry about, but I don't have that kind of time!

Tanya N said...

I'm a Natural Born Worrier so I worry about everything but as far as kids go, the worries have evolved and morphed a bit as they have gotten into the teenage years and they go out on their own.

And the two biggies are dating and driving and I'm never sure which I worry about more......the weird looking and acting boy that shows up on the doorstep or the getting behind the wheel and driving out of view. Combine the two and you can almost go out of your mind!

Although I do have to admit that worrying about my younger daughter's "making the ______ volleyball team" gets just about as much time in my head :)

Suzanne Earl said...

Worry about the least?

Do my kids have enough time to play?
Are they doing good in school?
Do they have enough to play with?

Worry about the most?

What will my kids eat today??
Do they get enough attention from me?
Will my house EVER get clean?

TucksMommy2 said...

I worry about ONE thing when it comes to my son. Probably not what many moms think of. I am white, as is my husband, we have a 3 year old son we adopted last year who is hispanic. I worry every single day if the questions, stares & dirty looks will make him think our family isn't as "good". I know what you're thinking, but YES it happens "are you his real mom", yes as a matter of fact I am his "Real" mom, not that its your business! I've also gotten this once with me & my husband present "he looks like he has a little brown in him?" what?! I wonder if his past will damage his future. I pray every day he never feels like our family deserves less,or he wasn't as loved, but it DEFINITELY keeps me up at night sometimes. Trying to help him overcome his past, OH my sons name is Tucker also!

Shawna said...

Worry about the most:

1. How am I damaging them... we all carry baggage from our childhood/parents.

2. Is he watching too much television/eating too much fast food/having too much screen time in computers/games?

3. Where is he/is he safe --each time I hear a siren (two of them drive already.)

Worry about the least:

1. Have I provided for them enough?

2. Are they loved enough?

3. Have they learned enough.