How to earn 365 Swagbucks!

Here is an easy way to earn as many as 365 Free Swagbuck in a year. I mentioned the other day that I was earning free Swagbucks just for having the toolbar installed and I’ve noticed that so far every day that I’ve logged in I have received 1 Free Swagbuck.
Here’s what it looks like when you win:
This box just appears on your screen to let you know that you’ve won. Remember, you must be Logged in to the toolbar to receive your free swagbucks! If you are logged in consistently you could earn as many as 365 extra swagbucks in a year without searching!
What are your tips and tricks for earning swagbucks? Leave a comment and let us know. I would love to be able to share you ideas with everyone!
Also, if you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, make sure you Sign Up Here! 


M said...

I also made it part of my morning routine to click through the free special offers. 2-3 easy swagbucks daily!

Cara said...

I leave a window open and when I check in the morning the pop is usually waiting on me with 1-3 swagbucks. I joined swag bucks about 3 months ago and have already received $15 amazon.com gift cards and I am about to get my 4th $5 gift card. Its way too easy to not do join swagbuck.

Anonymous said...

Your swagbucks links aren't working