Menu Plan Monday

I have completely failed at my menu plans for 2 weeks! As a result, we have eaten out more times than we should have. Honestly, it makes a huge difference if I plan what we will be having. First, I take a look at what we have in the fridge that has to be eaten up, then I move to the freezer and finally to the pantry for what just plain sounds good. I also take into account what is on sale at the store that I know I will have a chance to pick up. I don't plan for lunches or breakfast anymore. I pack all the kids lunch and breakfast lately is cold cereal or bagels with cream cheese. Easy.

Hamburgers, chips and fruit salad.

Frozen lasagna, French Bread and Salad (thanks to frozen food month this month I have a few of these!)

Chili, Salad and French Bread, seen HERE

Slider Sandwiches, we have games all night so I have to be able to take them with us! Chips and fruit also. 

Pizza, I think this week we will try a taco pizza for Paul and I and pepperoni for the kids.

What are your plans for dinner this week?


Keith and Laura said...

I tried the recipe you had a while back for Broiled Parmesan Tilapia last week. One of my kids was so disappointed that it was not chicken nuggets so he would not even touch it. After about twenty minutes he realized he had better try it, and he loved it with a little Lemon Seasoning made by Weber. We also like this fish sticks recipe http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/panko-crusted-fish-sticks-with-herb-dipping-sauce

Electra said...

I was going to make black bean soup for supper tonight, but instead of soaking the beans this morning, we made an impromptu trip to the zoo because the weather was so nice! We wound up having a kind of icky improvised tofu pad thai for supper instead, but it was worth it for the memories of baby's first zoo trip. You can see how excited he is. ;-)