Juice In The City: Great deals for your city!

There is a really cool new site called Juice In The City and I have been asked to be a contributer in the Houston area for it! Every day a great new Houston activity is recommended. Fun, cool places for families and great date nights are profiled, places that myself and other contributers have been ourselves and recommend.

When you check out the site make sure you "like" the activity to let Juice in the City know you want them to become great deals for us! Even if you are not in the Houston area, check it out because they are adding new cities all the time and might already have yours!

Play the "I like that!" Houston game:

  1. Each day, a new activity is featured on Juice In The City.
  2. Each day, an email to all subscribers goes out in the early morning, informing them of the daily Activity and asking them to come to the site and “like” the Activity if it appeals to them, and to share it with their friends!
  3. By “liking” an activity, you are “voting” for it as something you’d like to see offered as a deal in the future. The more people who “like” the activity, the more likely we can turn it into a great deal for everyone to enjoy. So please, like and share and help us get other moms to vote for what they want!


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