Winners of the Jensen Project!

So, note to self... DVD giveaway's are not very popular! Hey thats alright, it's a darling movie and good CD! Check back Monday for another HOPEFULLY more popular giveaway! :)

The awesome winners are:


The last movie we watched as an entire family was Toy Story 3-D. I spent the entire movie wrestling with my 15 month old in the back hallway with my 3-D glasses on in hopes that I might be able to catch a glimpse of the movie here or there. I was cursing the genius idea of all of us going together, when I looked over and saw my daughter and son both snuggled under an arm of their Dad (who was tearing up himself). TOTALLY WORTH IT!



monstermama said...

Did you receive my email?
Tracy (monstermama)

Tiffany said...

monster! Email me again I didn't get it!

monstermama said...

My address is 3660 Fernwood Dr. Monroe, MI 48162.