Target: Clearance Toys Deals!

** Update: My store, by The Woodlands mall only had a few things marked 50% off, looks like it will be Thursday or Friday!

Here we go.... it is almost here! The Target 75% off clearance toys! This usually happens this last week of July and you guys all need to be ready!

Anyone remember last year? Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

They usually start marking things down on Wednesday and Thursday. I DO NOT brings kids with me to this one! First I am buying Christmas presents and second I need to be able to THINK! Don't forget to price check the prices on the red scanners many items are actually further marked down than what the tag says.

These are some of my deals from last year:

I found some great deals at Target this Saturday. I bought $423.00 worth of toys for $80.00. All the items I bought were 75% off or more. With 6 kids I usually start this early!

The Cranium deluxe game was marker $7.22 I used this coupon HERE for another $5 off!
iCarly game was $2.98
Klutz books were $3.33
Disney Tinker bell interactive games (I got all the little bracelets, pieces, etc.) were $4.48 - $7.98 all 80% off!
The Schieich figurines were all $1.34 - $3.45. Amazing, considering I usually pay $15.00 a piece for these. I got a ton!

I got 43 toys in all. I was very pleased! Now just to find a place to hide them till December!

So if you happen to see me at Target in the next few days, that blank look on my face is my "Christmas shopping for 7 kids look..." :)


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